Must Do Basic Steps List for Building any Successful Network Marketing Business

Have you ever wondered why only few people build a successful network marketing organization. Would you like to build one too? If your answer is YES then Follow the 3 simple steps below and you will be on your way to Building A Highly Profitable Network Marketing Business

Step# 1: Be a loyal user to your product – the most important of the 3 steps

To be successful in network marketing requires you, as the distributor, firstly be the user of your products. Use your products and be loyal at it.

Many network marketers overlook this very important step, and it affected their chances for success.

Use your products and get to really love them. Without this, every attempt to make money in network marketing will be really hard for you.

You may wonder, how does using your products and successful network marketing related?

Let’s look at an example. How would you react if your friend promoted to you something but told you that she did not use it? You would think she don’t believe in the product herself and the product probably doesn’t work, wouldn’t you?

Here is an easy example. You own a restaurant. But every lunch time you go to another restaurant to eat, and every time your friend or family wanted to meet you during lunch time you set it at another restaurant. You promote your food or drink to them, but when they ask you how does they taste, you said you never ate at your restaurant. What do you expect them to think of your food?

5 undeniable reasons why you should use your products

You increase product knowledge! Knowing your products is a crucial part of your selling or retailing part of your network marketing business. The best way to gain this essential knowledge is by using the products yourself.

You improved your confidence to give details about the benefits of your products to your customers! These ties well with the product knowledge. By gaining first hand information of what benefits your products offer makes it easier to explain the benefits to your customers.

You will be dealing with objections easier! Imagine… Your customer tells you product so and so is better than yours. Unless you know your products very extremely well, you will never have a sale.

You get priceless qualifying points! Almost all network marketing compensation plans pay commission based on points gained during the pay period. Every product you buy from your company earns points. You can easily achieve the minimum requirement points from products bought from your personal spending only. This is particularly useful if you do not have much time to do actual selling.

You put away money on the discount allowed to distributors! Network marketing companies offer products to distributors at discounted prices. Depending on your level, you could be saving as much as 50% on the products you buy for personal utilization.

Already using a similar products? Not a problem. Just replace them.

For example, you sell household products through your network marketing business. Before going out to do household stuff shopping, check from your list any similar product that is available through your network and buy it from your company.

Whatever you do, being a loyal user of your own product will go a long way in helping you build a successful network marketing business.

Step# 2: Build an increasing foundation of retail customers

Building an increasing foundation of retail customers is crucial to successful network marketing for three significant reasons:

  • It is much easier to switch an existing product user to a distributor than to try and recruit a non-product user.
  • Retail customers can be a supply of your working funds. Because you sell on a cash basis, you are likely to have the much needed cash flow while still waiting for commissions to be paid out.
  • You get retail profit from your retail customers.

How to Build an increasing foundation of Retail Customers

Recommend your products to other people

You do this every day, don’t you? Recommending a product or service to a friend or colleague will come naturally if you love the product or the service. If you have followed the first step above, recommending whatever you sell to others should be simple to do.

By recommending your products to other people you will build a solid foundation of retail customers and potential distributors.

Carry a few products with you all the time.

Have a huge selection of product? You do not have to carry your entire product range. Carry only a few, mostly those that you can use at any time. Let’s say you sell skin care products,  you can carry your hand lotion or sunburn lotion in your handbag. Pull it out every time you are with others and apply it. This way you may started out a conversation around the product immediately.

One of the basics of successful network marketing is selling the largest number of products to the largest number of possible people. You can do this easily by constantly recommending your products to other people. You can do this almost anywhere and at any time.

The first two steps are vital for successful network marketing. The next step depends to a large extent on your successfully carrying out the first two.

Step# 3: Sponsor your existing customers into the business

Many network marketers overlook the opportunity here.


Because many network marketers focus on actively promoting the business opportunity with little or no regard to building a retail customer base. They thought, by promoting the business opportunity, building a successful network marketing business will be faster. They operate like the get-rich-quick mindset.

Of course, a few individuals do succeed this way, but looking closely, actively promoting the business opportunity is probably the number one cause of the high erosion rate in network marketing. Well over 80% of individuals starting a business in network marketing quit the business within a short time.

Few network marketing distributors understand this business concept. They were made to believe that they can be rich overnight, and the only way to do this is by promoting network marketing to as many people as you can.

Ever heard of the three foot rule? Then you know what I am talking about. Newcomers are told that everyone within three feet is your prospect and should talk your business to him or her.

Here is what Ken Evoy, president of says about successful network marketing:

“In order for your network marketing business to flourish and be profitable in the long-term, you need an expanding base of satisfied, committed customers who share their enthusiasm by becoming active distributors themselves in your downline.”
-Ken Evoy

Can you see the point? You need an expanding base of satisfied, committed customers who share their enthusiasm by becoming active distributors themselves in your downline.

These three steps are the foundation of building a successful networking marketing business. Any activity over and above these is merely a supplement to them.

Here are some examples:

Lead generation: You need leads to increase your customer foundation and eventually your network.

Duplication: You can only duplicate yourself in what you are already doing i.e. using products, building a customer base and sponsoring satisfied, committed customers into your business.

Training: You train people to use products you already use… you train people so they can become better product users and know the products better than you do… you train people to sponsor others into their businesses… you train people on build a solid foundation of customers.

There is so much more to say but the most important point is – use your products, build an increasing foundation of retail customers and sponsor existing customers into your business, and in the long run you will have a successful network marketing business and achieve your goals.

If you already in network marketing but still struggling then read  how TTTBuilder system cover all 3 important steps above and solve all your problem on building a successful network marketing team.All can be done without going out of your house!

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TTTBuilder.Com System: The Power of Internet and Network Marketing

Internet-Network-Marketing-Business-2Have you ever considered what it would be like to harness the power of both the internet and network marketing?

Traditionally, network marketing is a business that places reliance on word of mouth recommendations. For many years the buzz-word in network marketing was “recommend your products to others” if you want to build a large network marketing business.

With the advent of the internet, the rules have also changed. Instead of recommending your products to people you meet, you now have to promote your business to people you will hardly ever meet. This is the challenge facing many network marketers.

Now, the internet is by far the most powerful marketing tool available. With the internet, you can reach billions of people across the globe. It’s very unfortunate that many distributors still regard internet and network marketing as separate entities.

Recall that the traditional approach to having a successful network marketing business is…

  • Use your products or service
  • Build an increasing foundation of retail customers, and
  • Sponsor other people into your business

If you want to take your network marketing online, it is in the second and the third step of this process that you will see the power of internet and network marketing. Why?

Because the internet makes it simpler to contact more people who may become your committed loyal customers. It is these loyal customers that you want to eventually sponsor into your business. though And unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds…but rest assured that it also isn’t that hard. Given the correct information, tools, mindset and determination, you can succeed at earning your total, life-supporting income on the Internet.

If you do a search about your product on the search engine and notice how many hits you get. In our case, our product are Tone Plus. Tone Plus produce about 161,000, 000 results at the time of writing.That’s how much competition you have if you follow others method on promoting Tone Plus online, which is using ONLY simple blog or page.

Here is where System is different from the others. We proudly called it the TEAM BUILDER System. First of all it solves the first problem that most people really afraid of which is SELLING, with TTTBuilder System there is no selling required. You don’t even have to open your mouth ever to start promoting. The most important part is our system is absolutely FREE to all ACTIVE Member. There’s no monthly fee ever and its 100% realtime & 100% Autoresponder. Which means you will know every single signup made through your link & our system will follow up with the new signup automatically.

What make you happier than being at your own home and still making hundreds, or thousands or even more, every month. You can work 100% from home or anywhere you like.All you need is internet connection and your laptop or even only Smartphone. If you can copy paste than you are in the game.

You don’t have to build a website, ship product, or set up a merchant account.  You can earn even before you learn.  TTTBuilder is that easy.  No experience is necessary.  Just point and click, and let our superb, innovative, technology do the rest!

You don’t need to find a product to sell – we (team members) are registered with Tone Plus SDN BHD  to sell its Revolutionary  WOW Tone Plus Simcard. TTTBuilder System had been set default to let you find ONLY 4 Active Member as required by Tone Plus to start earning, which makes its very achievable for everybody even the beginners.The best part is, we had set the system with 4×4 matric that will give the opportunity to all  active member to get spillover and spillunder.

In fact, the TTTBuilder System is all you need to start your very own business immediately.  We strongly urge you to join me and our dynamic team of marketing person, so that you can begin to earn a steady stream of income right away.

If you have been in affiliate networking before, you will appreciate this: No more cold calls (unless you really love them), evening and weekend meetings and presentations, and approaching total strangers.  Meet the future of affiliate networking.  Meet TTTBuilder!

"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now." -- Napoleon Hill

To learn more about our innovative system and how it can help you achieve your INCOME GOALS, SIGN UP HERE or download our FREE e-book : “SECRET TO SUCCESS WITH TTTBUILDER SYSTEM” after SIGN UP.


NOTE :                                           Start With The Right Expectations                 The first key to success is start your business with the right expectations. Treat this as you would with any other profession or competitive sport. It is a 3 year plan. Not something you just ‘try’ for 3 months. Anyone can become successful if they commit to learning and developing these skills until they get good at them.

NEW RULES  RE: DUAL MEMBERSHIP:                       Starting from 1 August 2016, Tone Excel member are not allowed to join Tone Plus program and vice versa.However, for the previous member whom had join both before 1 August 2016 can continue with both. Any member that wish to change program will only allowed to do so after the current account expired for 3 months.Member shall also write an official email to to get a SPECIAL approval within a month. Terms and condition apply.


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7 Websites To Earn Extra Money Via Online In Malaysia

One of the biggest problems living in the 21st Century is having to deal with all the distractions.There is now too much opportunity and too many things that you could be doing. For the first time in history you can live in any country and do virtually anything that you want. This leads to overwhelm.So if you lived in Malaysia, here we list 7 websites for you to make extra money 100% via online. Good luck!


If you are thinking about starting a business and in particular, a network marketing business, then this is for you.This website is all about building your success in network marketing. has an excellent team builder system. Which helps each member builds their team 100% online. Best of all product promoted are our number one consumer product that uses by everyone in daily basis.

All team members have a REAL opportunity to achieve financial freedom and live their dream life. Earn a FULL-TIME INCOME on a part-time basis.

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Do you love garage sales and thrift stores? Take mildly used and unwanted goods and make some additional money by selling them online. For example, Vintage clothing; all the rage, and many people would rather buy their clothes online than go thrift shopping for themselves. Use this to your advantage by finding some great clothing at your local thrift shops, fixing it up at home and then listing it online. You don’t have to stop at clothes either. You may have a love for vintage or secondhand jewelry or even vintage brand-related products.Besides, you may as well sell any of your own unused goods at home.



If you have a good amount of knowledge in a field that other people are interested in, then writing and distributing ebooks on the topic is a great, easy way to make some extra money. With the rising popularity of ereaders like Amazon’s Kindle, the time has never been better to self-publish your own ebooks. In order to maximize your profit potential, make sure you take the time to copyedit your ebook and have some outside sources look it over and critique it before you put it up for sale.Read more about this HERE



You may have dreamed of owning your own store when you were younger, only to find out later how difficult it is to actually run a brick and mortar store these days. The good news is, you can sell just about anything online. There are plenty of ecommerce solutions online for you to sell your wares, as well as the classic standbys of eBay and Etsy. The trick for selling products online is to make sure to specialize in a certain industry, for instance – secondhand clothing, discounted brand names, vintage finds, housewares, books, geek-related products, art, etc. The options are virtually endless.



Do you love sharing deals and finds online? 8Share rewards cash and points for sharing cool stuff with my friends. It’s that easy! Besides this service has a mobile app. 8Share mobile app is the fastest way to be notified when there are new specials, and the easiest way for you to share them with your friends.



This is absolutely Perfect for lazy people!All you have to do is to click on advertisement,take surveys,complete tasks or complete offers and get paid.

Best of all, if the service has a mobile app, you can answer the surveys wherever and whenever!

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Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products? Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution! It also offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which brings two-fold benefit to you. The ad pack plans are prepared so thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with continuous and progressive earnings to its members. They are sure to bring success. Do not miss the high quality traffic and residual earnings that this site can offer. Sign up and start using its services.



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