The History of Network Marketing

The history of network marketing dates back to around 1934 when a man called Carl Rehnborg developed and started selling the first multivitamin or food supplement in North America. He sold the multivitamins through his company, California Vitamin Company (now Nutrilite).

Carl sold his food supplements person to person through word-of-mouth referrals. Some of his customers started referring new customers to him. Instead of selling to these new customers he suggested to the old customers that they sell to these new customers themselves.

For each sale Carl rewarded customers with discounts on their purchases. This way the concept of multi-level-marketing developed.

In 1959 two successful Nutrilite distributors parted ways with Nutrilite and founded Away. Amway soon established itself as the leading network marketing company.

I mention Amway not because I am one of their distributors, but because Amway paved the way for the network marketing industry.

Here is how it happened.

During 1975 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States filed a complaint against Amway Corporation alleging five counts of violating the FTC, among them that Amway was effectively operating an illegal pyramid scheme…

And the FTC ruled in 1979 that:

  • Amway was not an illegal pyramid scheme since its system is based on the retail sales to consumers.
  • Amway is not in business to sell distributorships and is not a pyramid distribution scheme.

Since this ruling many network marketing companies were formed and some of the existing ones adopted network marketing as part of their marketing model. It is an almost impossible task to list all network marketing companies.

It is estimated that more than 50 million people worldwide are involved in network marketing. The industry is recognised as the fastest growing industry in the world because more and more companies realise the power that lies in networking.

As a result of the impeccable history of network marketing, network marketing is fast becoming the business of choice for work from home entrepreneurs. Unconfirmed reports indicate that today more millionaires are created in network marketing than was the case during dot com era.


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Attraction Marketing 101

networkmarketing1There are a variety of ways one can describe attraction marketing. The one that stands out for me is the one provided by Wikipedia. It refers to this form of marketing as…

“…the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it.”

Essentially you provide a service to your prospects by teaching them how you benefit from the product or service. They will know how to get the most out of the product or service you want them to buy before they even own it.

The thinking is that prospects are more likely to buy if they already see the benefits they are missing by not having the product or service you provide.

The attraction marketing Process

  1. Qualified prospects initiate the contact

Your prospects find you through an initial point of contact which you will have set up. This could be in the form of valuable content on a website (your own website is better), social network marketing media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  1. Thereafter you build a relationship with these prospects

To build a relationship you need to provide your prospects with a value suggestion. This involves providing your prospects with information about what you do.

You show them how you use what you sell instead of selling them the product or service. Consider this as a form of training.

Another aspect of building a relationship is to sell the prospect on you. Why should your prospect do business with you? How different are you from other distributors out there?

Communicate this message to your prospects and you will build a stronger relationship. Simply put, brand yourself.

As you can see from this process, you don’t need to close your prospects on anything. Your job is to continue giving valuable information, whether the prospect buys or not.

This way you are creating a customer for life. Even if she doesn’t sign up in your organization immediately, the next time she wants to start up a home based business, she will think twice before signing up with someone else.

What does it take to be successful at attraction marketing?

Basically you need to acquire only two attributes, namely…

  1. Self confidence

In the prospect’s eye you are in a position of leadership. This requires that you display a level of self confidence expected of someone in this position;


  1. Magnetic energy

This refers to your ability to naturally attract people to you. This can be achieved by the way you present yourself to your audience.

Here are some tips to help you succeed

  1. Avoid being a Jack of All Trades

Follow One Course Until Successful. Focus.

Trying to be all things to all people will not work. Pick one area, one that you think you can master quicker than others. Practice and master this one area until you feel that you are excellent at it. Then, and only then, can you move onto the next.

  1. Do proper keyword research for your network marketing lead generation efforts

For your website or articles to pull in traffic, you need to use words that your target market searches for on the internet. Find out what your prospects are looking for, and provide them with it. This requires a proper and detailed keyword research.

  1. Provide value to your network marketing leads

Shift your focus from signing up the prospect or making a sale to providing value for your prospects. Provide your leads with information that can help them improve their marketing activities.

  1. Develop a cheerful and pleasant personality

Your attitude towards others will make you attractive or repulsive to them. A cheerful and pleasant personality goes a long way towards paving a way for long lasting relationships.

  1. By all means – Don’t Quit

Ever heard of the saying “quitters never win, and winners never quit?” It fits expressively here.

Even if you are building on a budget, you can sustain your network marketing lead generation efforts through attraction marketing. So don’t ever give up.

A major advantage of attraction marketing is that you can monetize it and recoup some, if not all, of your marketing costs – something unheard of in traditional marketing. So if you do things the right way, your chances of blowing your network marketing budget are reduced dramatically.

With this in mind, would you rather chase after prospects one at a time or have more than one prospect a day looking for you? That is the beauty of attraction marketing – prospects are coming to you instead of you going after them.

Already in network marketing but never used attraction marketing? Read  how TTTBuilder system can generate leads through attraction marketing and solve all your problem on building a successful network marketing team. Which can be done without going out of your house!

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Must Read: 6 Biggest Myths about MLM aka Network Marketing

This is going to be one of the most important articles you will read on network marketing and the MLM industry.

This is because I am going to go head to head and address the biggest myths, concerns and problems that people have with the MLM industry.

I truly believe that the MLM industry is one of the most misunderstood industries out there and I am here to set things straight.


Below are the 6 biggest myths that people have about network marketing. I am going to show you that not only are they blatantly wrong, but they are stopping hundreds of people starting in business and building an extraordinary life for themselves and their families.

This needs to be changed right now.

The Problem With MLM

Let’s start with what I think the biggest problem with MLM and why 95% of the misunderstandings exist. It is because 95% of people who start in MLM have never had previous business experience. Meaning, the industry is full of “Untrained Sales People”. This is very dangerous.

It’s very common when starting out in business, is to only think about making money. To only think about your needs, wants and goals and not to consider other people.

The 95% are just trying to get people into their business, so that they will gain financially. But this is not how good business works and that’s why now we have myths and misunderstandings, which has given the industry a bad name in the eyes of some people.

Myth 1: Pyramid Structures Are Bad. 

The first biggest misunderstanding people have with this type of business is the structure. Some brand new inexperience consultants do not know what to say about this, and end up trying to deny it or cover it up by saying, it’s an upside down pyramid, but here is my response.

So what? So what if it does.

Here is the important point that 95% of people overlook. So have traditional business and government and religion and nearly every big organization out there. They all have a pyramid structure.

The Traditional Business
Picture this: In traditional business, you have the CEO/MD at the top of the pyramid, followed by heads of department, followed by upper management, followed by middle management, followed by lower management, followed by supervisors, followed by new staff, followed by customers. It is a pyramid structure.

With religion, you also have the pope at the top of the pyramid, followed by cardinals, followed by priests, followed by church leaders, followed by helpers and so on. It is a pyramid structure.

Next, government. So in government you have the President/Prime Minister at the top of the pyramid, followed by his closest advisors, followed by heads of department, followed by chief MP’s, followed by MP’s and so on. Guess what? It is a pyramid structure.

Myth 2: MLM is A Scam 

The next concern some people have about starting a network marketing business is that they have heard, that it might be a scam or that it is a pyramid scheme. If this is you then do not worry. Firstly, MLM is not a scam or pyramid scheme. Why? Pyramid schemes are illegal.

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is where the owner gets people to invest their money, with the hope of getting a return on their investment.

The owner keeps recruiting new people and then begins to pay the initial people off with the new investors’ money. The main difference is that there is no product involved. The product is money.

Pyramid schemes are illegal. The big difference with a network marketing business is that these companies are not illegal and they distribute actual products.

So is it a scam? The short answer is no. It is an industry regulated by a strict government body that has been around for decades and is one of the fastest growing industries today.

The reason you many have heard it might be a scam is because someone you know, may have joined a company, realized that there was actual work involved and then quit. To make themselves feel better, they then tell their friends and family that it was just a scam to save on any embarrassment. Today, it is just an easy excuse.

Myth 3: People Are Just In It For Themselves

Another misunderstanding is that it is not about customers, like in traditional businesses. It is just about that person trying to get you on board so that they can make money from you. Let’s take a closer look.

When you go in to a McDonald’s restaurant, and they give you a burger, what are they doing? Trying to make money.

When Virgin Media knocks at your door to offer their services, what are they doing? Trying to make money.

When you go in to any shop and buy anything, what is the business trying to do? You guessed it. Trying to make money. This is the same for all businesses

QUESTION: Why do we buy a burger or broadband or anything?

ANSWER: Because, we will become better off afterwards.

It makes our life better. So, if someone came to you with a product that made your life better, would that be a problem? No.

The problem is if the sales representative, was just trying to make money from you, without thinking about you right?

So here is the recurring theme of this post. The problem isn’t MLM, the problem is the sales representative. Makes sense?

Myth 4: It Doesn’t Work Due To Market Saturation

one more fear some people have is that network marketing doesn’t work as the numbers don’t add up. Meaning when everyone in the country has a business, then there is nowhere else to go and it all fall down.

Very simple, if this was true, then why has it never happened yet, with any of the hundreds of companies in the 80 years it has been around?

The issue people have is that MLM teaches a simple system of, finding 4 people who find 4 people and so on. This is the compounding exponential growth model. It works like this.


And so on. The problem people have with this is that it is not mathematically possible for this to continue as you run out of people in the world. (The critics love mentioning this.)

Here is the important point. This is not how the business must be done. This is just an example of how you can grow a business using only referrals. This is the same for any business!

Remember This: You can build a highly success MLM business by just building a customer base without ever recruiting anyone.

We just teach the 4 find 4 strategies because it is really easy modal for a brand new person to understand and get started with.This leads me to my next point;

It’s So Easy To Be A Critic

It’s so easy to be a critic. Anyone can be a critic. Anyone can sit there and pick faults in people and businesses and tell you all the reasons why it won’t work.

What it more difficult and worthy, is choosing not to just follow the crowd and stand up for what you believe in. To go for your dreams and put yourself out there in front of the critics.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones that go out and try to build a better life for themselves and their families, and ones that sit there, poke faults and tell you all the reasons it can’t be done, without even actually doing it themselves.

 Myth 5: There Are Ethics and Relationship Costs?

Now we have the dispute of whether this business is ethical and if there are any relationship costs when talking with your family and friends about starting a business with you.

I repeat again, the problem isn’t the business; the problem is HOW you do this. If you had a way of genuinely improving your closest loved ones lives then, would let them know about it? Of course you would.

If that person wasn’t interested then fine. But you would be doing them a disfavor by not letting them know about it. There are millions of people becoming financially independent all around the world with network marketing.

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing industries that have created more millionaires than anything else. You would actually upset your friend if you became a big success and you hadn’t told your friend about it and given them the freedom of choice to decide if it was right for them or not.

So here is the actual problem. The problem is HOW people get told.

The problem is when people “trick” their friends in to hearing about it. They will ask them to meet up for a catch up and then suddenly start onto a business opportunity.

DO NOT DO THAT. This is why people think that there might be relationship costs. It is not good for anyone and it is giving the industry a bad name. Stop it!

Bottom Line: Just be open and honest and let people choose for themselves if this is right for them, and there will be no relationship costs.

Myth 6: Only The People At The Top Ever Make Money

Another concern people have is that, it is only the people at the top that make any money. 90% of people who join don’t make any money. Guess what? This is true. You’re right. However let me also reveal some very important insights to you.

This is the same in learning any skill or industry!!!

Let me explain.

The Martial Arts Analogy
The best analogy for starting a network marketing business is that it is very similar to starting in and progressing in the martial arts.

Picture This: In a room of 100 people in a typical martial arts class, there will be a 1-2 black belts who are taking the class, 3-7 brown belts helping out, quite a few more red and blue belts, and the vast majority of people are white belts or brand new. Sound familiar?

Building your MLM business is just the same as wanting to become a black belt. The sad fact is that most people quit.

Most people didn’t realize that there was actually work involved. Most people did not have clear goals of what they wanted. Most people did not have a clear reason why they were doing this in the first place. Most people did not turn up to training. Most people have bad habits. Most people did not take it seriously and most people quit!

But the important point is that anyone could of become a black belt if they wanted to.

Want another example?

The Gym Analogy
Lets take getting in to shape. Of 100 people in a gym, how many actually have great gym bodies? 1-2 probably.

Those were the ones who have trained and worked at it for a few years. Those were the ones who took it seriously. Those were the ones who had a strong reason why they were doing it. Those were the ones who turned up to train when it was raining or they don’t feel like it or when people told them to just stay at home that day.

You then have a few more people in the gym who are in good shape, a few more people in average shape and then the 90% of people who join a gym realize it’s hard work and quit!

Most Business Do Not Make Money
90% of ALL business fail. Not just in network marketing. Why? All the same reasons.

Most people just want to get rich quick. Most people don’t have any proper business plans. Most people didn’t realize that it takes years of work.

Most people didn’t have a good enough reason why they were doing it. Most people have bad habits. Most people like watching TV instead. Most people let other people talk them out of it. Etc etc etc.

Bottom Line: Yes 90% of people don’t make money, but this is everywhere and in everything we do.

The Good News!

Ready for the good news? If you do take it seriously. If you do set clear goals, if you turn up to training every time, if you get better every day, if you have strong reasons why you are doing this that isn’t just about money, if you fix your bad habits, if you start with the right expectations and commit to becoming successful and don’t just quit after 3 months, then you too can and will be in the top 10%.

That’s all they did.

 In Summary

So, to quickly answer all these concerns I would say… So what if it is pyramid shaped, so has traditional business, government, religion and every other big institution.

No it’s not a pyramid scheme, they are illegal.

This business is about helping other people. I am sorry that a bad sales representative didn’t respect you and just tried to make money from you. This is not how good business really is.

Yes, the maths does add up. Compounding is just an example we give for new people so they can easily understand.

No you won’t burn close relationships if you are just straight and honest with people.

Yes only the top 10% do make the big money, so work hard and get in to the top 10% of people. If you don’t someone else will.

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Why Old School Marketing Methods Don’t Work in Network Marketing Today

3dfreeNetwork marketing today is at an era where trying to use old style marketing methods is sure to kill your business.

Think about this…

Are you still chasing after prospects, harassing anyone who happens to cross your path? Do you still believe that your so called WARM MARKET ; your friends, family members or acquaintances are your target market?

Well, if you do, I can almost tell you that you are not making any progress in your network marketing business.

Why? Because the landscape has changed, and so should your marketing methods. Let’s take a brief look at where network marketing comes from.

Back in the 1940’s when network marketing was beginning to take roots,the idea was that product users will double up as sales agents and recommend their products to people nearby. Sharing products using word of mouth was the key. This is where the idea of friends and relatives being your target market probably comes from.

Back then the only way to recommend products was through one-on-one contacts. Your customers were the people you know and their customers were the people they knew. That was word of mouth recommendation at its best. And it worked.

Some companies in network marketing today still emphasized this way of growing a business to their distributors. Their marketing plans still talk about approaching the warm market first, friends and family being top on your warm market prospect list.

If you are like most people I talk to, at one stage or another you have been approached by a friend or relative wanting to sign you up in their network marketing business. What was your reaction?

I don’t know about you. But for someone, especially a friend or relative, to assume that I want to change my current situation is an insult to my intelligence. Because at no stage did I tell that person that I want to start my own home business.

Fair enough, you may be lucky and sign up a few of them this way. But how long do you think they will stay in the business? Isn’t this approach the major cause of the high attrition rate in network marketing?

The products may look great and maybe some will buy your products. The opportunity may also look great. But unless a person has the desire or the inclination to start a home based business, any attempt to recruit such into your business is a waste of valuable time.

I believe this is the case for the majority of people.

So why do these old school method not work in network marketing today?

Here is why…

  1. YOUR WARM MARKET ; Friends and relatives are not your target market anymore

Think about it this way, if your friends and relatives feel annoyed by your offering, what do you do? I can think of only one thing. Resort to using hype and high pressure sales tactics.

This will only leads to further bitterness and creates more enemies along the way. The word of mouth recommendation that’s supposed to be working for you will start working against you because your friends and relatives will feel like victims and are likely to start narrating their torment to everyone they know.

Do you want that to happen? Can you afford viciousness of this nature in your business?

Do you see the problem?

People talk. It’s natural. They will talk good or bad things about you. But because you are trying to convince them to join you against their will, they will talk bad things about you and your network marketing business. You know how fast bad news can spread, don’t you?

  1. Product shipping and delivery methods have changed

In the beginning the delivery of products involved a wearisome process. A distributor bought in bulk from the network marketing company and sold at a profit to customers.

In those days you had to keep stock of your products. You were in fact a retailer – buying wholesale from the company and selling at retail. Some distributors were allowed to sell to other distributors and keep the profits.

The major setback of this was stock piling. Many distributors were left with unsold stock in their homes with no way to recover the costs from the company.

Many companies in network marketing today ship products direct to the consumer. The internet has made this possible. It is no longer necessary to keep inventory.

So any company that still insists on using old style product delivery methods will make it difficult for its distributors to market its products. It is likely to be out of business in a short while.

  1. The products have changed

Early network marketing companies focused on selling tangible hard goods such as nutritional, home and personal care products. But this has changed dramatically over time.

Almost any consumable product or service can be sold through network marketing today. The nature of the product and services being sold has led to a change in network marketing strategies. Again the internet plays a key role.

  1. We live in a global village

The world has changed so much that today you can speak face to face with someone who is halfway around the world. To think that you can still run after your friends and family members in this era is suicidal to say the least.

We live in the 21st century. To succeed in network marketing today you need to adapt 21st century marketing tactics. These include an extensive use of the internet for marketing purposes.

Trying to apply old school tactics in network marketing today is more like running on a treadmill. With technology changing at a supersonic speed, there is a greater need to adapt to new marketing strategies. The new marketing strategies allow us to reach the people who are already looking for what we have to offer.

Following are just some of the tools you can use in your network marketing today:

Your own website.This is important and I urge you to consider putting yours up sooner rather than later. Your company’s replicated website is not sufficient. You need a website over which you have control. More on this in another article.

The other tools, though important in their own right, will work effectively if you use them to drive traffic to your own website. These include setting a page at Facebook, publishing subs at Squidoo, hubs at Hubpages or images at YouTube.

Despite these challenges, network marketing today still remains one of the simplest ways for the average person to start a home based business and build it to a million dollar business.

Are you already in network marketing but still using Old School method? Read  how TTTBuilder system beats old school method and solve all your problem on building a successful network marketing team. Which can be done without going out of your house!

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20 Reasons Why Network Marketing Is The Business of the 21st Century

540_293_resize_20130801_109f29208e3247b6e023191b4a9cb6ca_pngIf you are new to business, and in particular network marketing then “welcome”. You are at the right place. We strongly believe that building a network marketing business is one of the smartest things you can do with your time and money in today’s economy.

In order for you to be really successful in network marketing, it is important to understand why you should even bother. The truth is that it takes time, effort and energy to build a business. Most people are quite comfortable with where they are, so why bother?

Below are the top 20 reasons why starting a network marketing business right now is one of the smartest things you can do, but first we must understand that we are now living in a new age. “The Information Age”.

Living in the Information Age

For the last 2000 years of human history, we lived in the “Agrarian Age”. This was a time when it was all about farming. Whoever owned the farms and the land controlled the wealth.

In the 20th Century, we moved in to a new age called the “Industrial Age”. The first big corporate giants including Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, with their huge steel and car companies dominated the business world. It was whoever owned the factories that controlled the wealth.

From the year 2000 onwards, with the rise of the Internet, we moved in to a new age. “The Information Age”. Today, companies like Twitter and Facebook are changing the business world. Today, it is about building and owning networks. This has leveled the playing field. There has never been a better time in history to build and own your own business. Are you set to take advantage?

Here is 20 reasons to support that network marketing is the business of the 21st century:

1. Build Your Fortune, Not Someone Else’s

Here is the big question: At your current place of work, who is making a living and who is getting rich? It is whoever owns the asset. The asset is the business. This is where the control and wealth is. By working as an “Employee,” you are spending your 8 hour day building someone else’s asset. You are earning a living, and the owner is building a fortune. You are not only making 10x less money, but also paying twice as much in tax.

2. Want To Double Your Income Each Year?

It is very difficult to be able to double your income with a job. In fact, the average pay rise is currently around 2%. This is crazy, especially since inflation is closer to 10%. However, with a business, it is a lot easier to get twice as many “customers” next year than the last, which in turn doubles your income. The smart people are now building their own businesses on the side.

3. True Financial Freedom

One of the top reasons for owning your own business is that it leads to financial freedom. Meaning, being able to earn lots of money without you needing to be there. The problem with a job is that you are “trading time for money”. This means that you cannot stop working because your income will also stops. With a business, you have hundreds of customers that are generating the income. This means you can go on holiday for a month and be making more money when you come back than when you left.

4. Utilizes the Internet…(or punch yourself)

Important Point: The Internet is changing the world as we know it, and you are living in the middle of it right now. In 50 years, you might look back and think, why didn’t I make the most out of it? There has never been a better time in history to start a business and especially one that involves connecting with people. You can now contact hundreds of people with a push of a button. The fact you are reading this right now proves its effectiveness. You will punch yourself if you do not take advantage of this.

5. Living a Rich and Rewarding Life

One of the biggest benefits with a network marketing business is the personal development, which many people are not even aware it exists. To become successful, you have to help other people become successful. It’s very rewarding to watch other people grow and become better people. The fact that you can make more than RM100K per year, working only 4 hours a day, which then gives you all the time and money to enjoy life. That’s massive bonus.

6. Are You Taking Advantage of the Population Boom?

You may not currently be aware of this but; the human race is currently expanding exponentially. Simply do a Google image search for “world population growth“and you will see world population is going off the chart. Now, this is going to cause a lot of problems for some businesses, but it’s great for peoples’ businesses like network marketing.

7. What Job Security?

For over 100 years, the reason people clung to jobs was because of security. Today, with more and more people getting made superfluous in a decreasing market, job security is no longer exists. People are now looking for a more secure way to earn a living. What is more secure? Having one income stream with a job or an income coming from a hundred places, which you get from having a customer base? Today, jobs are now the risky option.

8. Retire Rich or Retire Poor…It’s your choice

The government with the pension scheme made a critical error back in the 1970’s when people could suddenly “Choose” whether they pay in to a pension or not. We now have a massive problem where there isn’t enough money to pay for everyone’s retirements. Add to that, the fact that the pension is a tiny less than Rm10000 per year, there are going to be thousands of people retiring on half of minimum wage needing another income.

9. Want To Work for The Next 50 Years?

People now have a clear choice. Do they graduate from university with RM30,000 of debt? They can then either get a job, earn a living and retire in 50 years on the equivalent of minimum wage, or, they can build a business and have the opportunity to retire after only 3-5 years. This is the Industrial Age moving in to the Information Age at its most obvious. Those who realize this will be the ones who will benefit massively financially.

10. Want to Start Life RM30K in Debt?

With university fees & expenses being double in the Malaysia, the average student debt is now RM30,000. The younger generation is starting life with chains around their neck. The choice the younger generation now has is going to university and starting life in debt or starting a business where in 3 years they could become financially independent. Where do you think people are going to be? Are you ready to help them and benefit financially?

11. Do You Use Mass Market Chemical Products?

Did you know that 95% of the food we buy and personal care products we use from the super markets and the high street stores are not very good for you? They are mass produced and in order for them to have a long “Shelf Life” are being pumped full of preservatives and parabens. Studies are now linking these to cancer. The top network marketing companies are botanically based meaning, products that are actually good for you.

12. Would You Like An Income That Builds Itself?

When you get to a certain point in a multi level marketing business and you have your team in place, your business then begins to build itself. You cannot do this with a job. This is how you can go away on holiday and be making more money when you come back than when you left. That’s leverage!

13. Want More Recognition and Appreciation?

How would you like to work for a company where your hard work gets regular recognition and appreciation? You can now become part of a strong community of people who all want you to succeed as it directly benefits everyone. This is very rare to find in a job.

14. The 9-5 Job Is Broken!

In a 9-5 job, there is only one winner and that is the boss. The reason you only get 2% pay rises is because it comes directly out of the boss’s pocket. The more money you make, the less money he makes. In an network marketing business, the more money you make, the more money your business partners make. It is a true win-win situation. This is not only the business modal of the future, it is the business modal of right now.

15. Surround Yourself with Like Minded, Fun, Ambitious People

Are you lucky enough to be surrounded by fun, ambitious, likeminded people? Most people are not. Network marketing attracts the very best people, which is very beneficial to you because you then surround yourself in a new culture that supports you and helps you become successful. Remember this: You will earn what the 5 closest people around you earn.

16. A Shrinking Job Market

With increasing population and more traditional businesses closing down due to the Internet, there are now fewer jobs for people to go for. This means employers can and do take full advantage of this, asking people to work longer and longer hours for the same money. This is becoming more and more common and is making people work in a fear based environment. Do you want to continue to live like this?

17. Getting Poorer with Rising Prices? – Inflation!

So, the BNM statistics stated that inflation is around 3.5% in January 2016…so why then are our gases, electric and phone prices going up closer to 10%? You don’t need a degree in maths to know this doesn’t add up. The truth is that if you are not getting closer to a 10% pay rise each year, then you are actually getting poorer. Inflation is a stealth tax which the masses are not educated to realize.

18. Get Free 5 STAR Holidays and Drive A Luxury Car

The top multi level marketing companies offer their consultants great incentives for their work. These include free luxury cars, all paid for 5 star holidays to paradise islands and free weekends away. Why save up for your holidays and car when your work place will pay them all for you? Does your current employer offer you this?

19. Want the Same Tax Breaks of the Rich?

Having a part time or full time home business gives you great tax incentives that are used by the rich. All of a sudden, all your transport, rent, computer, phone, office equipment, coffee shop visits, meals out, as well as many other things all become a tax deductible expense. You too can have access to tax incentives that rich people get to use.

20. What Do Donald Trump, Richard Brandson and Robert Kiyosaki Have In Common?

I am going to finish with this. Some of the biggest business people all around the world are either involved or recommend network marketing, including Donald Trump, Richard Brandson, Robert Kiyosaki, Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn and T Harv Eker and many more. Who are you going to listen to? Need I say anymore?

Are you already in network marketing but still using Old School method? Read  how TTTBuilder system beats old school method and solve all your problem on building a successful network marketing team. Which can be done without going out of your house!

To learn more about our innovative system and how it can help you achieve your INCOME GOALS, SIGN UP HERE or download our FREE e-book : “SECRET TO SUCCESS WITH TTTBUILDER SYSTEM” after SIGN UP.


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How To Ensure That You Don’t Fail In Network Marketing

Far too many people fail in network marketing. It is estimated that as much as 97% of people who start a network marketing business never make it.

How can you ensure that you do not become part of the 97%? Follow the 5 steps below, and you will eliminate most of the obstacles blocking your way to success.

  1. Know what you want

Knowing what you want eliminates one of the major causes of failure in network marketing – lack of staying power. It takes a relatively long time to start seeing positive results in network marketing. Unless you are clear about your objectives to start a network marketing business…

  • you will not put the effort that is required in this business
  • you will not have the patience that is so essential in this business,
  • you will not have the perseverance that is so essential for success in this business
  • in short, you will fail in network marketing.

Desire has always been, and still is the driving force behind all achievement. Know what you want out of your business, and you will not fail in network marketing.

2. Start With The Right Expectations

The second key  for success is to start your business with the right expectations. Treat this as you would with any other profession or competitive sport. It is a 3 year plan. Not something you just ‘try’ for 3 months. Anyone can become successful if they commit to learning and developing these skills until they get good at them.

3. Take action

It pains to see so many people coming into network marketing and expect their downlines to grow with little or no effort on their part. Why someone would spend money to start a business and expect others to build that business for him/her is puzzling.

In an effort to build their businesses faster, some distributors say things like these to their prospects:

  • “We will build your downline for you”
  • “Just get three, and leave the rest to us”

They promise things they know they will not do. Do not be like them. Take the necessary action to build your own business, despite what they say, and you will not fail in network marketing.

Here is something to take note of. Network marketers are disreputable for their avid appetite for information. While learning is important, it is spending most of your time on learning about the business that is certain to cause you not to take action.

If you personally take action, you are likely to see results more quickly. By seeing results you will be motivated to take even more action and avoid being another failure in network marketing.

If you want result faster, take massive action. Your level of success is equal to your level of skill multiplied by your level of action. Here is the key point :


Remember this key point. When you put in massive action, you develop an amazing level of skill. Massive action equals to massive result, and that’s an easy thing to say,  but a much harder thing to commit to.

4. Take your business seriously

Yes, many distributors do not take their businesses seriously. They treat their businesses like hobbies. This is a serious mistake and is probably the result of not knowing what one wants. Avoid it.

The idea of working from home is a dream cherished by many people. Imagine waking up at your own time, working only when you want, taking a vacation as and when you want. This is how some network marketers treat their businesses, and to their own disadvantage.

Multilevel-marketing is serious business. You do not just work as and when you want. Work at it like you would work at any serious business, and MLM will reward you handsomely.

Here’s something you may not be aware of…

  • It takes far harder work to run a network marketing business than it does to work in a 9 to 5 job.
  • It takes a lot of discipline to run a network marketing business than it does to work in a 9 to 5 job.

Again, network marketing is a serious business, just like any other brick and mortar type of business. Just because you paid less than RM100 to start your business does not make it any less serious.

So if you are serious about what you want, take your network marketing business seriously. It could mean the difference between being a failure sign or a success story.

5. Avoid recruiting friends, family and acquaintances

Opposite to popular belief, friends, family and acquaintances, i.e. people in your warm market, are not your target market.

If you have been in network marketing for some time, you probably have been told at one point or another that ‘anyone can do it’, ‘start with the warm market, or ‘apply the 3 Foot Rule’, etc.

Ever heard of these? Well, you have been lied to, because these people are not your target market. So…

Who is your target market?

Is it any one you happen to know. No. Not at all. Your target market is someone who is already out there actively looking for what you have to offer? Now, are your friends, family members or acquaintances actively looking for what you have to offer?

It is insane to think that the so-called your warm market will want to join you. These people, plus anyone who has not asked you to show him/her what you may have no aspiration or tendency to join network marketing.

Do no waste your valuable time chasing after these people. If any of them comes to you and enquires about what you do, of course show him/her. Other than that you will alienate yourself from them.

Related post : How to recruit the right person whom actively looking for what you have to offer?

6. Provide value to your customers and prospects

There are many people out there looking for opportunities like network marketing. There are also many distributors out there just like you wanting to sign up these people. So to win this battle you need to ask yourself the following questions:

– How different are you from other distributors?

– How do you tell between yourself from other distributors?

– Why should someone sign up in your organization?

Meaning, find something of value that you can offer to your prospects and customers that they do not get from other distributors.

One thing that many new network marketing distributors need most is finding qualified prospects. If you can find ways to train your distributors on how to prospect for leads, the odds are very good that you will not fail in network marketing.

  • The most important of all, whatever you do…

7. Don’t quit

You can know what you want, take action, or do any of what I mentioned above, but on the day that you decide to quit network marketing, you will be counted among the failures. Never quit. It is not an answer to your problems.

Tied with quitting is hopping from one MLM opportunity to another. You are running on treadmill if you do this.

Looking at the above it should be clear that to fail in network marketing is a choice only you can make, consciously or otherwise. So make the right choice, don’t fail in network marketing.

Are you already in network marketing but still struggling? Read  how  TTTBuilder system cover all 5 important steps above and solve all your problem on building a successful network marketing team. Which can be done without going out of your house!

To learn more about our innovative system and how it can help you achieve your INCOME GOALS, SIGN UP HERE or download our FREE e-book : “SECRET TO SUCCESS WITH TTTBUILDER SYSTEM” after SIGN UP.


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Do You Want An Endless Flow Of Network Marketing Leads?

Network marketing leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business. Without good quality of network marketing leads, your business is as good as dead because leads are what blood is to your body — they prolong the business.

Leads_Network_MarketingOne of the biggest challenges you will ever face in your network marketing career is how to successfully produce leads for your business.

Old school tactics teach that to grow your network marketing business, the first thing you must do is to approach your warm market, i.e. your family, friends and acquaintances. Once you have exhausted this market, you could then move on to the cold market.

What this old school method entails is that you should actually talk about your business to anyone who is within arm’s length, regardless of whether that person is interested or not.

But there is a problem…rejection.

If you follow this approach, you will face a lot of rejection. This is natural because most people don’t want to be sold to.

Unfortunately, some network marketing companies and upline distributors still promote this method. They tell their distributors that…

  • rejection is part of the game; or
  • You have to go through so many ‘No’s” before you get to that “Yes”.

The sad thing about human nature is that people fear rejection. So you will end up spending a lot of valuable time trying to overcome the fear of rejection, and trying to motivate your recruits to overcome this fear.

Instead of spending valuable time and energy trying to motivate distributors to get them to overcome their fear of rejection…how about removing rejection as even a barrier in the first place?

Just pause and reflect on this.

What if you never
had to face rejection again?

Would it make your network marketing easier?

I can hear you ask “Is that possible?” I am here to tell you that it is possible to have a marketing system that is rejection proof.

The first thing you need to do to generate a never ending flow of network marketing leads is be clear in your mind whom your target market is.

Do you know who your target market is? Believe me, most network marketers don’t.

Many network marketers are led to believe that they are selling company products, but that they should promote the network marketing opportunity because “the products sell themselves.”

So they focus all their energy on trying to convince every person they meet to join their network marketing opportunity.

Is it any surprise that we have such a high failure rate in the network marketing industry?

No matter how efficient or proficient you can be at convincing people to join your business, you will still be faced with the problems that every network marketer faces, simply because a person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

What you are looking for are qualified network marketing leads. Not everyone who happens to be on your path. This provoking method is probably the root cause of the doubt that exists among people looking at network marketing opportunities.

Once you know who your target market is, offer them a generic front-end product that helps them solve their problems.

To cut a long story short, if your goal is to grow your business (and it should be) then your target market should be people who are actively looking for a business similar to yours. Your most valuable source of network marketing leads would therefore be…

  • People who are already in network marketing– because they already are faced with a massive amount of problems and may be thinking of joining another network marketing company. People generally think the problem is with the company; and
  • People who have been in network marketing before– because they left network marketing because they were faced with a massive amount of problems and it is likely that they will join another network marketing opportunity should they have solutions to the problems they faced.

opposite to popular belief, do not even try to convince these people to join your network marketing opportunity. Instead offer them a solution to their problems. Network marketers face many problems for which they need solutions.

These include…

  1. Lack of good quality network marketing leads
  2. Lack of a sufficient marketing budget
  3. How aboutlack of duplication in their downline? or
  4. Lack of an effective marketing system?

You can add to the list, but these appear to be at the top of any network marketer’s problem list.

As you can see, these are problems that require solutions. Find and provide solutions to these and other network marketing problems and you will never run out of network marketing leads.

One solution is to offer them a generic front-end product which solves their network marketing problems. By offering a solution first, your prospects will eventually ask you about your network marketing opportunity. Duplication becomes easier because they joined out of their own free will.

Here is something your upline may never have told you…

Good marketing is all about
tapping into the needs that already exist

Offering prospects a generic front-end product that helps them solve their problems is just one way of meeting the needs of frustrated network marketers.

Your generic product could be an eBook or any other resource that solves problems which network marketers face. Provide the front-end product free to your prospects. You can monetize your marketing efforts on the back-end if need.

That’s not all. Your network marketing leads must be able to find you. How can you ensure that they find you?

Here are some of the ways you can ensure that your prospects find you:

  • Create web content that is relevant to your specific market:

This can be on your own website (highly recommended), an article you write and submit to an article directory, a blog post or you can participate in forums related to network marketing.

  • Email marketing:

If you have a mailing list you can offer your front-end product to this mailing list. The best mailing list is the one you build yourself. Rented or purchased lists are not always reliable. Through your own website, you can build a mailing list which you will own forever.

  • Social marketing media:

You may also use social marketing media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to let your target market know about you.

  • Pay Per Click advertising:

PPC networks offer advertisers a medium through which they can reach their target markets. A major plus of this is that you pay only for the clicks your advertising gets. Nothing more.

Using old style method to generate network marketing leads is the most ineffective way of generating leads because they teach you to approach prospects.Target people who have an interest in what you have and are actively searching for it. You are more likely to succeed this way than in any other way.

Already in network marketing but still struggling? Read  how TTTBuilder system can help you get endless flow of leads and solve all your problem on building a successful network marketing team. Which can be done without going out of your house!

To learn more about our innovative system and how it can help you achieve your INCOME GOALS, SIGN UP HERE or download our FREE e-book : “SECRET TO SUCCESS WITH TTTBUILDER SYSTEM” after SIGN UP.


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Believe Me-All You Ever Need Are 4 Good People

This would be absolutely opposite from what our Tone Excel Millionaire ever told you; which is to find 400 people for your first Level in Tone Excel. I will told you. All you ever need is only FOUR @ 4 Good people for you to succeed.

how-to-succeed-in-network-marketingI got worried when firstly get in network marketing specifically in Tone Excel that I have to find 400 people. It is common when people first get in to network marketing to get worried about having to find hundreds of people, to be able to build big network and become successful, when this is simply not true. It definitely can be overwhelming when you first start out.

Well fear no more, I have a very amazing news for you. All you ever need to build a team of 4 good people.That’s it. You don’t need hundreds of people.You can become super successful with only FOUR people. Let me explain.

The reason why you only need 4 people is due to ‘compounding’ which is one of the biggest benefits of network marketing. As long as you help your team go on to do the same thing as you, then your business will naturally grow and compound.

Here is what will happen to your business if each person built a team of four people.






With over 1000 people in your network, you are financially free. Simple as that. Now do you think, if you gave this business 100% of your effort, that over time, you could build a team of 4?

Here’s the SOLID PROOF :

According to the 2015 Quarter 4 reports from SKMM (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia) :

  • Total of Malaysia Residents : 30.68 Millions
  • Mobile Phone Users : 44.111 Millions
  • Postpaid Users : 8.740 Millions
  • Prepaid Users : 35.371 Millions
  • Total Of SMS Sent on 2015 : 25.8568 Billions
  • Mobile Internet Subscription in  2015 : 100.7 Millions

Download the Statistic Report Here

Just note that Malaysia residents are over 30.29 millions.Do you think it is possible that 4 may be interested in wanting to own their own business?It really is that simple.The biggest obstacle that stopping you is YOU. Until you believe that it is possible and it really is that simple then it will be hard. It’s all comes down to mindset.

You only personally need 4 good people. This is the power of network marketing.

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” — Yoda (“The Empire Strikes Back”)

So, TTTBuilder system in the other hand, are using the same concept of  FINDING ONLY FOUR GOOD PEOPLE to be successful, Combined with the winning product from Tone Plus


You may wonder why we set the TTTBuilder.Com system to find only 4 Active Member and pay only RM100(Default 3G), while outside TTTBuilder.Com, if you join Tone Plus you can register unlimited member in your Level 1 and pay the product upfront personally for only:

Simcard 3G : RM93 + RM5.58 (GST) = RM98.58
Simcard 4G : RM98 + RM5.88 (GST) = RM103.88,

and get the sim card immediately?

We call this concept as leveraging in network marketing.Besides, Tone Plus referral program itself was designed for anyone who are not good in recruiting and in fact to start earning we are require to find only 4 people in Level 1 and we can earn infinity.But the compensation plan is using “Reverse Up 2 system”.

Leverage is one of the best reasons to be in network marketing. We leverage our time by hiring on other associates or network marketers. We leverage our money with a small investment that grows through the sales of products or services.

We leverage other people’s skills as we recruit people more skilled than ourselves. We do this with a growing team of people. Each member of the team is working for themselves. Building their business (and yours) is in their best interest.They’re each building themselves a residual income stream, as they help you leverage your time and income. TTTBuilder system which have a good retailing system can build a balanced, successful team, who retail and recruit.

Growth is the life blood of our business. Retailing, is essential for growth and stability in network marketing. As each of your team became consumers, it builds everyone’s revenue. A strong retailing business also keeps companies out of trouble with government regulators.

Recruiting is also very important. Team members will die, quit the business, or could retire. This attrition will be made up for with an energetic, enthusiastic, growing team of young, fresh recruits.

As our team grows our leverage grows. Our growing residual income stream, now gives us, the time freedoms most job slaves, and small business operators, only dream of. With a job, income is earned by trading hour of time for money. Those money are determined by the skills you have and the demand for that skill set.

“Leverage is one of those words that can mean many different things. What I mean is you have the power to earn more and more by working less and less.”  Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

What is leverage doing for network marketers? My leverage, does not lessen or restrict, your opportunity for leverage. Our opportunities are equal. If I sponsor you, I become your success coach. You benefit from my skills. If you sponsor me, I learn from you. Either way as knowledge is shared in the team, everyone benefits.

In network marketing your earnings are based on your personal success, and your teams’ success. As you develop leadership skills, your compensation will reflect those skills. Most jobs could NEVER do that, as the compensation is fixed. It is always in your sponsor’s best interests for you to develop leadership as it also benefits them.

While TTTBuilder.Com system default set as 4×4 forced matrix, which 4 member only in each members’ Level 1, any new member will be spillover to next level which haven’t fulfill 4 members. By having to find only 4 active members, this will give an achievable target for everyone and opportunity to enjoy unlimited spillover from the entire system and the team. Which also means, opportunity for everyone to earn the most wanted MONTHLY RECCURING PASSIVE INCOME from Tone Plus.

Related Info : TONE PLUS : The simcard revolution

To learn more about our innovative system and how it can help you achieve your INCOME GOALS, SIGN UP HERE or download our FREE e-book : “SECRET TO SUCCESS WITH TTTBUILDER SYSTEM” after SIGN UP.


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Network Marketing: Five Reasons Why It’s An Amazing Business Opportunity

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.” — Jim Rohn

RobertKiyosaki-I have identified five which I consider really make network marketing a business opportunity that appeals to anyone. They are…

  1. Leveraging

The major reason why network marketing is the ideal business opportunity for anyone is leveraging. Without leverage there is no network marketing.

Leverage is at the core of any successful network marketing organization. Leverage is one of the best reasons to be in network marketing. We leverage our time by hiring on other associates or distributors. We leverage our money with a small investment that grows through the sales of products or services.

We leverage other people’s skills as we recruit people more skilled than ourselves. We do this with a growing team of people. Each member of the team is working for themselves. Building their business (and yours) is in their best interest.

What do you leverage?

You leverage your time and effort.


By expanding your business.


By setting up other people in their own businesses similar to yours, commonly known as recruiting or sponsoring. By sponsoring others, you profit not only from what you sell directly, called retailing, but you also profit from the sales of those you sponsored and those they sponsored, up to several levels deep, depending on your multi-level marketing company’s compensation plan.

Many network marketers fail to understand why network marketing works and as a result fail to make any progress in their businesses. Needless to say, they will come up with reasons why network marketing does not work.

Network marketing is the only business model I know of where the power of leveraging can be used with virtually no financial risk and this makes it a…

“Leverage is one of those words that can mean many different things. What I mean is you have the power to earn more and more by working less and less.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

In network marketing your earnings are based on your personal success, and your teams’ success. As you develop leadership skills, your compensation will reflect those skills. Most jobs could never do that, as the compensation is fixed. It is always in your sponsor’s best interests for you to develop leadership as it also benefits them.

Advice from the corporate world: If you can’t get your work done in the first 24 hours of the day, work nights. Just one more reason to do network marketing.” unknown

Those still working jobs are predestined to continue trading time for money, as long as their skill set is require. What is leverage doing for them? Nothing, as their work benefits a boss. With network marketing, most of your income is made, without your presence or participation.

2. Amazing opportunity to bring in extra cash

It is human nature to always want more. Without this craving there will be no growth. We will all be stagnant. It does not matter whether you are a communist, a capitalist, a socialist or anything in between. It does not matter what religious believes you hold either. As long as you are human, you will always have this craving for more. You cannot, not have it.

What’s unfortunate is that with the traditional 9 to 5 job, most people end up living from pay check to pay check. There is too much month at the end of the money, to paraphrase Jim Rohn. They are unable to meet their families’ monthly living expenses, not to mention buying a few luxuries here and there, or saving for the days when they cannot work anymore.

Remember the credit crunch? This natural inclination to want more may have been the cause.

There will always be a constant need for more money. Network marketing can fill this need for you regardless of your current financial position. It provides anyone the opportunity to earn extra cash. You don’t have to quit your current job, which means…

  1. You can run your network marketing business part time

The beauty of this is that you can work part time in this business until you build a sustainable network marketing business.Some network marketing offers a great system for you to do business 100% at home like

  1. Build Residual income stream

Residual income is one of the major reasons why network marketing attracts so many people, as well as people from all walks of life. Residual income is the income that you work for once, and will receive over and over again. An example will suffice here.

Take any bestselling author you know of.

He/she writes a book, which possibly takes a year to finish writing and have it published. During that year he/she will probably earn nothing from his/her work. But once it is published and hit the stores, the author will earn royalty income from every book sold.

It may be a small amount of money if you look at the individual book sold. But imagine what that author would earn if he/she sold a million books and earns just $1 per book. That is residual income.

Another great example is the compensation plan offered by Tone Plus and Tone Excel. To be a distribuitor/network marketer for Tone Plus/Tone Excel, you will just have to switch your existing Telco provider to Tone Plus or Tone Excel, and you just need to pay for the new sim card once.Then use it as you usually do, for calling, SMS or internet and topup your simcard as usual.

So where does the residual income comes from?

Yup.Of course you’ll never earn if you did not introduce and register a new user to Tone Plus or Tone Excel.Your residual income will come from their monthly top ups. You don’t have to remind them to top up or they don’t have to come to buy top up from you. They can buy top up anywhere they like as usual. You will receive a percentage from your effort as long as they are Tone Plus/Tone Excel user. And imagine what would your earn if you have 1000 member in Tone Plus team that you had built with TTTBuilder.Com. Imagine, 13% from the total top ups from the entire team monthly. Now that’s real residual income.

Some people confuse residual income with passive income. Passive income is the income you earn even if you did nothing. An example is the interest you earn on money you put in the bank.

Again, because of leveraging you can, over time, build a sustainable residual income stream for yourself, and thereby buy yourself…

  1. Time freedom

What is more important to you, money or more time? If you were like most people you would have answered ‘more time’. Why? Because given enough money to cover all your needs, chances are you would not continue working the way you do now.

In a job environment we are trading our most valuable asset – our time – for money. We are actually paying for money we receive from our employers or businesses with our time.

I said earlier that the major reason why network marketing is the ideal business opportunity for anyone is leveraging and that you leverage both your time and effort. By leveraging your time, network marketing affords you the opportunity to buy more money with less time, thereby freeing up most of your time. It is the opportunity to create free time that attracts some people to join network marketing.

Already in network marketing but still struggling? Read  how TTTBuilder system cover all 5 important reasons above and solve all your problem on building a successful network marketing team. Which can be done without going out of your house!

To learn more about our innovative system and how it can help you achieve your INCOME GOALS, SIGN UP HERE or download our FREE e-book : “SECRET TO SUCCESS WITH TTTBUILDER SYSTEM” after SIGN UP.


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