SCAM ALERT : The Malay Method aka Singapore Method Review!

The Malay Method SCAM aka Singapore Method Review!


Quite a few times, the advertisement above pop out to many websites that I visited. After few times seeing it, I click the ad just to see what they offer. The ad the redirect me to the

Early this year, I actually had signup on a similar website which called Aussie Method just to learn more but never invest anything. It’s was impressive but just too good to be true offer.  Then I, Google for the Aussie Method review. Well, it’s a SCAM. Luckily, I haven’t invested any money yet.

So, when I saw the websites, I knew it was a SCAM. Even the owner ha s same first name, Jake Pertu and Jake Shen!

What concerns me more is the fact that this was ranked 92 in Alexa! So be careful guys, it has gone viral!

My advice, search for a much information and review before investing in anything. Sign up if you want to find out more but NEVER make urgent decision especially when it involves investing a lot of money but no actual product purchased. Sets yourself in cooling-off period for a few days before making any decision.

Below are the review from Watchdog :

We are extremely disappointed to find that The Malay Method SCAM aka Singapore Method, is more viral than we initially thought. This review is intended to uncover the lies and deception, demonstrated clearly on the clone websites:, and other fishy domains you might already stumbled upon. After you read through this review, which is all backed by concrete facts, you’ll understand why the alleged CEO Jake Shen is as fictional, as all of the above are duplicate scam sites.


Visit and and you will quickly notice how the picture of Jake Shen, is exactly the same on both sites. We searched for his picture on Google Images and found this Asian guy’s picture on many different sites, here is just one example: scroll down and you’ll notice a picture of this Jake Shen. This is what we call a ‘stock image’, the type that you can purchase as a webmaster and use freely. In this case, it was clearly used as a way to deceive newcomers and inexperienced binary options day-traders who are searching for an opportunity to make money online.

The Malay Method and Singapore Method are duplicate, clone scam sites!

Jake Shen, you’re clearly busted buddy!!!


In case you didn’t read the reviews and warnings we posted on concerning other similar methods, you’ll be shocked to find that Brit, Aussie, Irish, Swiss and all the so-called methods are almost identical and owned by the same crooks. The voice-over script, the testimonial actors and many other elements. Before The Malay Method and Singapore Method came out, we received 100’s of complaints concerning The Aussie Method, the most viral out of the bunch and since all the sites are owned by the same scam-artist, we have no doubt that Malay Method, Singapore Method and all other (Country) Methods are all part of this big SCAM, with capital letters. We found that in some cases, they promote this using a single link that tracks your GEO location and redirects you to one of the sites. Read the comments written by ex-members below the Brit and Aussie Method reviews we posted and do some research, many people lost money due to this international scam and we don’t want you to be part of the statistics.

The previous review we posted relates to The Dutch and Swiss Methods, and we noticed that all “CEOs” had a conversation with this one Laura. At least they could have changed the names on each scam, but in case they get clever and change things up, we captured a clear image to prove the case we’re making here. Notice how Jake Shen, from The Malay Method and Singapore Method, is having the same conversion that Frits Van Dijk and Max Fischer had with this member named “Laura”.. Twits and Facebook comments are slightly different on and but everything else is identical.

Laura Patterson apparently “made $78,610 in 10 days”… What a joke!?


Could it be that Laura is actually trading with all 4 regional sites?!

We don’t underestimate the magnitude and reach of this scam, and we found that The Malay Method is actually ranked 92 on in Malaysia! This means that many people visit this website every day and it’s highly popular, but don’t be mistaken, we’re dealing with a clone of the ‘mother of all scams’ The Aussie Method (see: Aussie Method Real Review and Feedback) and you should AVOID IT and the twin site, The Singapore Method SCAM! This might be the biggest scam in the history of the binary options industry, and we encourage you to share this warning on local and International Forums and Social Medias. If you are a victim of one of the two and have an experience to share, your feedback will be highly appreciated as it helps us reach more members and deter others from trusting the fraudulent schemes.

Review Verdict: The Malay Method aka Singapore Method by Jake Shen is a SCAM!!!

Blacklisted Domains:, and

Alexa Trend related to the Malay Method. Ranked 92 in Malaysia, marketed globally!


Unfortunately the ridiculous number of fake Automated Systems in the industry may discourage many individuals from online-trading and binary options in particular. You should know that many brokers are licensed and regulated and not all signals services are misleading and bogus. The key is to always do your research, and if you took the right turn and decided to search for Malay Method or Singapore Method reviews and found us, you are already on the right path, because you saved yourself a big headache and at least $250, which is typically the minimum investment requirement with binary options brokers. Speaking of “Big”, it turns out that is involves in this big messy scam, therefore we no longer trust them even though they are also synced with a few trusted services. They know that day-traders are losing money with the scam, so you got to wonder why would they associate themselves with deceptive services like Malay Method and Singapore Method as illustrated in the intro video.

Share your experiences and feedback below our Singapore and Malay Method Review!

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