1ST PRIZE  = RM1,000,000.00 ?



For the period of 2017, the Management is pleased to announce the following contest

Who will be the new Tone Group Millionaire?

Contest Prizes are as follows:

1st Prize RM 1,000,000.00
2nd Prize RM 100,000.00
3rd Prize RM 10,000.00
5x Consolation Prizes RM 3,000.00

Contest Period: 22nd December 2016 till 31st December 2017

Terms & Conditions:

  • Members who perform 2 x Direct Activation, are entitled to receive 1 x entry into the contest.
  • Each Direct Activation Business Partner (downline) must perform a minimum second reload of at least RM30 within 30 days of registration. The preloaded amount on the SIM card at point of activation is considered the first reload. .
  • To qualify for the prize, every contestant must reload a minimum of RM300 and utilize a minimum of RM300 within the contest period. Members can check their spend at Tune Talk Self-Care portal.
  • Special for Tone Group app: Every new Direct Activation via the app is entitled to 1 x entry from the 22nd of December 2016 till 31st March 2017 subject to the Business Partner (downline) performing the minimum RM30 second reload within 30 days of registration. From the 1st of April, onwards, this will revert to the standard criteria of 2 x Direct Activation for 1 x entry into the contest.
  • Referrer (Upline) must remain active during the contest period. SIM cards in grace period or expired will be disqualified. .
  • This contest is jointly run for Tone Excel & Tone Plus and is open to all members regardless of nationality or race.
  • The draw will be done jointly for Tone Excel & Tone Plus.
  • If for any reason, the selected winner is ineligible, the prize money will be carried forward to the following year.
  • Top Up or Reload is defined as a successful loading of credit to an individual members’ mobile number as registered on TGMMS and the Tune Talk Systems.
  • All standard Terms and Conditions apply.
  • The Management reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions of the campaign without prior notice during the campaign period.
  • The Management’s decision is Final and no appeal will be entertained.


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