Network Marketing: Five Reasons Why It’s An Amazing Business Opportunity

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.” — Jim Rohn

RobertKiyosaki-I have identified five which I consider really make network marketing a business opportunity that appeals to anyone. They are…

  1. Leveraging

The major reason why network marketing is the ideal business opportunity for anyone is leveraging. Without leverage there is no network marketing.

Leverage is at the core of any successful network marketing organization. Leverage is one of the best reasons to be in network marketing. We leverage our time by hiring on other associates or distributors. We leverage our money with a small investment that grows through the sales of products or services.

We leverage other people’s skills as we recruit people more skilled than ourselves. We do this with a growing team of people. Each member of the team is working for themselves. Building their business (and yours) is in their best interest.

What do you leverage?

You leverage your time and effort.


By expanding your business.


By setting up other people in their own businesses similar to yours, commonly known as recruiting or sponsoring. By sponsoring others, you profit not only from what you sell directly, called retailing, but you also profit from the sales of those you sponsored and those they sponsored, up to several levels deep, depending on your multi-level marketing company’s compensation plan.

Many network marketers fail to understand why network marketing works and as a result fail to make any progress in their businesses. Needless to say, they will come up with reasons why network marketing does not work.

Network marketing is the only business model I know of where the power of leveraging can be used with virtually no financial risk and this makes it a…

“Leverage is one of those words that can mean many different things. What I mean is you have the power to earn more and more by working less and less.” — Robert T. Kiyosaki, Entrepreneur and Author

In network marketing your earnings are based on your personal success, and your teams’ success. As you develop leadership skills, your compensation will reflect those skills. Most jobs could never do that, as the compensation is fixed. It is always in your sponsor’s best interests for you to develop leadership as it also benefits them.

Advice from the corporate world: If you can’t get your work done in the first 24 hours of the day, work nights. Just one more reason to do network marketing.” unknown

Those still working jobs are predestined to continue trading time for money, as long as their skill set is require. What is leverage doing for them? Nothing, as their work benefits a boss. With network marketing, most of your income is made, without your presence or participation.

2. Amazing opportunity to bring in extra cash

It is human nature to always want more. Without this craving there will be no growth. We will all be stagnant. It does not matter whether you are a communist, a capitalist, a socialist or anything in between. It does not matter what religious believes you hold either. As long as you are human, you will always have this craving for more. You cannot, not have it.

What’s unfortunate is that with the traditional 9 to 5 job, most people end up living from pay check to pay check. There is too much month at the end of the money, to paraphrase Jim Rohn. They are unable to meet their families’ monthly living expenses, not to mention buying a few luxuries here and there, or saving for the days when they cannot work anymore.

Remember the credit crunch? This natural inclination to want more may have been the cause.

There will always be a constant need for more money. Network marketing can fill this need for you regardless of your current financial position. It provides anyone the opportunity to earn extra cash. You don’t have to quit your current job, which means…

  1. You can run your network marketing business part time

The beauty of this is that you can work part time in this business until you build a sustainable network marketing business.Some network marketing offers a great system for you to do business 100% at home like

  1. Build Residual income stream

Residual income is one of the major reasons why network marketing attracts so many people, as well as people from all walks of life. Residual income is the income that you work for once, and will receive over and over again. An example will suffice here.

Take any bestselling author you know of.

He/she writes a book, which possibly takes a year to finish writing and have it published. During that year he/she will probably earn nothing from his/her work. But once it is published and hit the stores, the author will earn royalty income from every book sold.

It may be a small amount of money if you look at the individual book sold. But imagine what that author would earn if he/she sold a million books and earns just $1 per book. That is residual income.

Another great example is the compensation plan offered by Tone Plus and Tone Excel. To be a distribuitor/network marketer for Tone Plus/Tone Excel, you will just have to switch your existing Telco provider to Tone Plus or Tone Excel, and you just need to pay for the new sim card once.Then use it as you usually do, for calling, SMS or internet and topup your simcard as usual.

So where does the residual income comes from?

Yup.Of course you’ll never earn if you did not introduce and register a new user to Tone Plus or Tone Excel.Your residual income will come from their monthly top ups. You don’t have to remind them to top up or they don’t have to come to buy top up from you. They can buy top up anywhere they like as usual. You will receive a percentage from your effort as long as they are Tone Plus/Tone Excel user. And imagine what would your earn if you have 1000 member in Tone Plus team that you had built with TTTBuilder.Com. Imagine, 13% from the total top ups from the entire team monthly. Now that’s real residual income.

Some people confuse residual income with passive income. Passive income is the income you earn even if you did nothing. An example is the interest you earn on money you put in the bank.

Again, because of leveraging you can, over time, build a sustainable residual income stream for yourself, and thereby buy yourself…

  1. Time freedom

What is more important to you, money or more time? If you were like most people you would have answered ‘more time’. Why? Because given enough money to cover all your needs, chances are you would not continue working the way you do now.

In a job environment we are trading our most valuable asset – our time – for money. We are actually paying for money we receive from our employers or businesses with our time.

I said earlier that the major reason why network marketing is the ideal business opportunity for anyone is leveraging and that you leverage both your time and effort. By leveraging your time, network marketing affords you the opportunity to buy more money with less time, thereby freeing up most of your time. It is the opportunity to create free time that attracts some people to join network marketing.

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